The World Needs less Boxes…

You know what they say, “the bigger they come, the harder they fall”… Anyone can climb that corporate ladder, whether it’s the right way or wrong way but few can remain on top! If you don’t have the right mindset or skills… or even the right attitude and work ethic the only place you’ll be heading is a downward spiral! Don’t underestimate the person that doesn’t show what he knows! He can be a genius in disguise! Waiting for his opportunity to shine the right way, without any favours in between or stepping on others toes! Someone that climbs the right way and has waited patiently for his chance knows how hard it is to get there and will do his best possible to get things done with results and therefore will always appreciate what he receives! It’s all about appreciating others. Being grateful for their existence just as I am very grateful for my readers… Too often enough we undervalue each other, either because we’ve placed each other in boxes and made our own conclusions on each other. Most of those conclusions have no real truth behind them because we didn’t give ourselves the chance to really get to know one another and learn from each other… The world needs less boxes and more openness! ❤️

Stay Clear of the Rats

Whenever you hear someone instinctively talking to you badly about someone else, stop them or just walk away. The moment you engage in their conversation, you are giving them the freedom to twist your words around to how it suits them! In the end you will be the one that was the worst party! Remember, they are rats that like to cause drama, and once your back is turned, they are the ones that will talk badly about you! Stay clear! Disconnect from that kind of behaviour and the people that carry it! Those people are the ones that might know your name but don’t know anything about you, like who you are or where your coming from! They might even know things that you’ve done but really have no clue the roads you crossed to get to where you are, today!

It’s hard getting to a conclusion that some people are just not worth our time! Sometimes we just have to walk away from all the unnecessary drama and people that may have caused it and continue to do so! No matter what you do, some people don’t see how lucky they are having you in their lives! They continue to hurt you day in and day out and just don’t seem to have your best interests at heart! If you continue to experience this Pain the best thing you can do to yourself is just walk away and enjoy your journey without them! If you have to impress someone to stay or plead for their attention then really they are not worthy of it in the first place! Your worth is already known to everyone that truly knows you!

No One Can Be Against You

Hard times don’t last! What they do is prepare you for the good times that are about to happen! There’s always a turning point and yours is getting closer! Sometimes you have to hit a brick wall so that it opens your eyes to a different path! Everything will come to you at the right time that it has to come to you! You might not see it now but one day you will actually appreciate that Brick wall and be grateful for not staying still! Always stay in your lane and enjoy the detours that your life will take! No one can be against you when you got the highest for you! 🙏❤️

Sometimes you have to take a step back, sit down and just take a look at your surroundings. Take a look 👀 at the people that truly are there for you. See the ones that bring out the best in you and get rid of the ones that seem to challenge you. Not everyone will be cheering for you! Not everyone will inspire you to keep going when you feel like throwing in your towel! If you ever feel those moments trying to kick in just remember you are unique. There is nobody like you in this magnificent Universe! They threw away your mold when you were created! You are one of a kind! Remember to treat yourself with the same amount of respect, care and kindness that you treat somebody else that holds a key part in your life! If someone doesn’t have enough courage to carry on with you on your toughest times then they shouldn’t be with you on your brightest! 🍀✨

Don’t Be That Person That Hurt You

In life we all get hurt. It’s inevitable. We meet someone and automatically we trust them completely without thinking twice. They leave a part of them in us and take a part of us with them. One day, they might hurt you! Or they might not!
Don’t be that person that hurt you! One day someone will hurt you profoundly. So profoundly that they will instill scars. You will feel an emptiness inside. All your hope may be shattered and you might even lose sight of living. You will be left alone to pick-up all the pieces of a fragile heart that someone carelessly chose to break. Someone that was blinded by all the good qualities that you possess.
Your life will seem like it’s crashing down. You might even wonder if it’s worth living. Your anger will build up inside to the point that your pain will grow into a stage of revenge. You might even live on desperate Street and do everything possible to try to convince someone that decided to walk away from you without a moment’s notice to stay and take you back. You might even beg and plea that you will change. Forgetting the fact that if someone can’t see your worth for what it is, than it should be you that doesn’t want to stay with them. Guess what? You may hurt at this moment, and it might seem like you’ll never get that prince again, but in a year from now or less, you’ll be glad that frog walked away from you when he did. You will meet people that will be willing and able to love you the way you deserve. These people will be able to treat you like a Queen or King. Don’t break their hearts. Don’t do them what was done to you!
Don’t break a heart that truly wants to be with you. Let’s be different. Our hearts were broken but we are not going to break the heart that wants to love us. Show the world how much better off you are after being with someone that really didn’t deserve you anyway. When you do find love again, and you will, be everything possible to that person that truly loves you more so than that person whom hurt you did for you!

4 Ways in Dealing With Negative People


Everywhere you go you will find at least one of those if not more. Let’s face it, they are literally everywhere and if you’re not careful you’ll fall into their web of negativism which is easy to fall in and harder to fall out of.

How do you stop them? You can’t really stop them. People are what they are! You can however, recognize them from afar by their interactions so that when they do come to you, their attitude won’t influence you in the slightest way. Remember it’s only half the battle when you’re prepared for what you’re up against. They are everywhere. They are in your class. They work with you. They are part of your family. They were standing behind you in line while you were waiting for your coffee from the barista. They belong to your church group. Well enough said you get the picture!

Here are just a few tips on how to deal with Negative People.

1.      Set Boundaries

Negative people will always come into your life one way or the other. Sometimes more than once a day. With them they will bring that negative attitude. The one that says, “woe is me” kind of attitude. They will try their best to suck you into that whirlwind mindset and if you’re not careful they can succeed. The best thing to do is set limits. Do your best to keep interactions short as possible. Always keep a distance between each other so their energy won’t affect you.

2.      Choose Your Battles

People will do anything to irritate you. Some might not realize what they are doing and some might do it on purpose. Not all battles are worthy of your response. Don’t waste your energy on people that are not deserving of it. Do your best to ignore any negative comments. Be aware of your surroundings and who’s in it. Would you like your little sister or mother to watch you lose your temper? If  the answer is most certainly “no”, than the best thing is to control your emotions so you can prevent things from escalating. If nothing else helps just walk away.

3.      Avoid Complainers

People who complain about anything will not bring out the best in you, what they want is to bring out the worst.  Misery loves company so much that many of them will want you to join them in their crusade. Whatever good is happening to you they will always find something to criticize and eventually bring you down. Stay clear from them and only deal with them if you really have to.

4.      Negative Co-Workers or Employees

For any business to excel, it definitely has to be the face of the company to make things happen. If you have a frontline man showing signs of toxic behaviors, the overall business will slowly begin to feel jeopardized. One staff member with obvious types of negative thinking and bad attitudes can cause customers to think twice before adhering to a service. Perhaps the person is going through a rough patch and is not fully aware of their demeanor. In cases like these a simple meeting to find out what is happening and convey your concerns and/or expectations can work wonders. Once enough time has been given to see a change and nothing has improved then it might be time to re-evaluate if the persons integrity fits with what you’re looking for as a team player.