Break it Down

Procrastination will rob you of your sense of purpose and of fulfillment. It is a tiny virus that slowly gets into your whole being and selfishly eats away at your creative energy that otherwise had you not been attacked by the bug of putting off what you could do today, you would have accomplished what you intended of doing.

Stick to a plan. Make a list. Break down everything into tiny parts. Once you do what needs to be done, you won’t be overwhelmed but actually have a sense of pride of all that you’ve accomplished.

Perhaps waking up a little earlier when everyone is still fast asleep or waiting after everyone has gone to bed and the chores are all done… We only have 24 hours in the day but we all deserve to do things for ourselves. Things that bring us joy and happiness. 

Sometimes we have all the time for others and to do things for others that we forget about ourselves…  Breaking our tasks down will allow us a bigger time frame to get things done and before you know it, you just might have more time to do more of the things you love! ❤️


Worry about yourself


In times of doubt, remember to just let go of all the idle talk that is slowly robbing you of your true potential! 

Clear away those voices that day in and day out tell you that your not worthy… YOU ARE! You are worthy because inside of you is a star ⭐️ waiting to shine! Too many times we stay stuck because we are too busy on the wrong frequency of our lives to actually pull through into the direction we are meant to travel! We tend to be more concerned of what others might think 🤔 if we do this or that, or on what others are doing and we forget what’s in our hearts ♥️!  Your heart speaks wonders.. you just have to listen! 

Worry about yourself and everything else will follow! 

Always Shine Bright

Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed… Don’t listen to the voices inside of you or the others telling you that your not capable! 

We are all capable of great things. We are all worthy of success and happiness. There’s no need to prove anything to no one. Only to do it all for ourselves without anyone’s approval or consent.

We live in a shallow world filled with people waiting to dismiss or criticize anybody’s attempt for happiness or success. When in reality everyone’s entitled to their day in the sun!

It’s time to stop looking elsewhere for approval and look inside ourselves for the answers…  Always shine bright! ❤️

Be Extra Vigilant


This is the letter I wrote to the Principal of my autistic child’s school… please be extra vigilant to what your children are watching on television and the internet… 


I’m trying to comprehend what would make a six year old child, perhaps almost seven… nonetheless in Grade 1, place a substance in another child’s water bottle… with the intention of harming them!

I cannot fathom what would make a child who is merely innocent supposedly, using the words “making a potion to kill Sergio” at such a young age… As any parent, if it were their child, they would be livid! After speaking to Esko and Ameya ( I apologize if I wrote down her name wrong), they were kind enough to let me know what Maya S said… All the planning that was taken place… that is not appropriate for a six year old to do! 

Do you want to know what the strangest part of this is…. that yesterday my son did not have his dinner because he said his tummy was hurting and sadly I brushed it off, thinking that he was just making it up because soon bedtime would be approaching or he would be missing his favourite cartoon show! How do we know this hasn’t happened yet? Truly no one knows but the perpetrators really…

As if that isn’t heartbreaking enough, being autistic and this happening to you, but having it done by your best friend as well! So I guess that old adage is right, “with friends like these who needs enemies!’. Andreus and Sergio were like two peas in a pod, but I did correct myself when I said were! 

Something has to be done… and talking will not be enough… This isn’t like kids will be kids… one pushed one and the other pushed back… this is a serious issue and has to be dealt in that matter! They have to be suspended a day or two so they see how serious it is to place substances on other people’s water! Talking is not enough… talking about killing shouldn’t be in a child’s vocabulary! One thing that I regret was tearing up a paper that I received from Maya S before the Christmas Break which she wrote down things that weren’t so nice about Sergio… again I brushed it off! 

It’s really not fair that I have to keep Sergio in tomorrow and probably even Friday to give him time to digest everything and hopefully forget about while they go to school and get a slap on the wrist…

We would like a copy of everything documented and if nothing is done then I have no other choice but to go to the police because really that is what I should of done today! I’m not doing it only because I have faith in your team and that at least their poor choices will give them a consequence so that in the future they’re won’t be anymore copycats… This is very serious… it could have harmed my son and for that I am taking him to the doctor to get checked out tomorrow! 

Just last month there was a woman that was being poisoned by her co-worker at the Bay with Lysol… and she got fired and charged and young kids do this which is equally serious and alarming… talking is not enough in this situation! They have to feel the impact they’ve caused whether they realized it fully or not! 

This is a safety issue… How are we supposed to feel safe at work knowing that our child could be poisoned or seriously hurt! 

Thank-you for your time and understanding with us… we appreciate it… just like we know it may be very difficult for you too and we understand your tough position! We just want this to be dealt as a serious issue that it is! 

Lara and Sergio Maria 

Look at Me


I work in a Construction Union in the Administration Department and we have a lot of members that are women that unfortunately somehow still feel discriminated because of their gender. I wrote this in hopes that one day we all could see each other as individuals and look beyond genders and see people as people! 



Look at me!

What do you see?

Do you see a girl frightened away?

Or do you see a person waiting for just one chance to be accepted for all that comes!

Look at me!

What do you see?

I am a fighter! A survivor! I build structures and design dreams! 

I am waiting to fit in! To show this world that anything is possible! 

Look at me!

What do you see?

Do you see my struggles day in day out that I’ve overcome and all those setbacks that I’ve endured.

Take a walk in my shoes, see the world through my eyes.

You’ll see my strive to keep going resulting on my best comebacks

Look at me!

What do you see?

I am stronger now because I believed in myself! I woke up and realized that life is worth living 

That as Lou Holtz said, “life is 10% of what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it”. I choose to move forward!

Look at me!

What do you see?

Do you see all the storms that I’ve travelled through…The rain doesn’t last forever and the sun will come out and I will shine through 

Look at me!

What do you see?

Do you see my biggest victories come from my hardest pain

When I thought I couldn’t continue I gave it one more shot 

Here I am, in this big great nation

Which was built with lots of sweat

Look at me! 

What do you see?

Do you see that all my hard work and dedication 

Will finally pay off and be appreciated as a team regardless of my race gender religion or sexual orientation 

Look at me!

What do you see?

I am a mother and daughter but I am much more than that 

I design highways and of build houses

Work from dusk to sunset

Manage my house and keep the peace 

Look at me!

What do you see?

I am here to serve a purpose 

To be the voice that you hear just before giving up!

To let you know that when someone says you can’t show them how it’s done! 

I wasn’t always that way but I fought hard 

Beyond many sleepless nights and many broken dreams that just needed one more try to come true

Life is all around us! Construction is life! We are all bound to each other sculpting our dreams one day at a time!

When someone doubts you, keep going! Prove them wrong! 

Look at me!

What do you see?

Determination to change the world one Brick at a time!

Keep Learning

They say knowledge is power… that is particularly true… When you know a lot, the power of what you do with your knowledge lies in you…

Education doesn’t start only in school but at a young age at home… it’s not only what you learn in school but what you do afterwards. Learning doesn’t stop after you finish school but continues on. We are constantly learning until we die…

Some say that the greatest teachers is life! That you learn the real lessons out in the real world with your life experiences… You learn real life skills with your triumphs and defeats, with your ups and downs, and all the falls until you learn the lessons! You have to be willing to continuously learn if you want to be on top of things. This fast paced world is changing rapidly by the second… if we don’t work hard and learn new skills we are replaced in seconds… There is always someone out there that is willing and able to do your job for a fraction of the cost! Think of that! People are always replaceable at a job…. We have to keep learning…. Keep updating our skills and knowledge! 

When things fail, and at times they do, we can lose money, our home, our car, a relationship, sadly even family but what we learned and lived throughout our life journey can never be taken away! ❤️

Keep the Faith

Obstacles appear out of nowhere at times to make you aware of your capabilities. They are there to test your perseverance. We are all so much stronger than we realize!


Everything comes with a price and a lesson. At times we stay stuck on the obstacle that we don’t see the opportunity that awaits us. It may be hidden but if we are open and aware, we can find a solution and the strength that we’ll need to overturn any problem.


Sometimes it’s the hard lessons that we must take to get through to another level of our existence… Whatever you do, don’t give up! Keep your faith the highest when it’s at its lowest!


A loss of a job will allow you to reflect on your options of starting a business. A sickness will allow you to take better care of yourself and keep believing in getting better with the proper nutrition and medication so that you overcome your sickness and be an advocate for others! A death in the family will allow you to heal with time and perhaps start a Legacy honouring your loved one! A broken heart of an end to a relationship will allow you the time to finally be in a relationship with yourself, doing the things you love and improving for you and nobody else.


Anything can be achieved with the proper mindset and faith!


Keep the Faith!

Never Give Up

When things don’t go our way, and they sometimes won’t… try again! Do everything all over again! Try another way! Ask for help! Do your research! Go back and start fresh but please please don’t give up! Most of the times are breakthroughs are just when we want to give up!

Everything Will Come to You

I’ve been asked, how do you stay positive when inside your broken…. I am broken inside! I don’t know if I’ll ever be whole again… Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be! That’s quite alright with me… because it’s a sign that the void that I feel with the loss of my father has not been filled! It never will no matter how much time passes and who comes into my life!

The pain will never go away… no matter if people say that time will help… time only helps you learn to cope with the pain of losing someone that meant the world to you! You will never forget the person! What you have to hold onto are the memories you shared… the laughter and even the tears at different times of your life! 

You just have to look for ways that are constructive and will help you on your new journey! We are all here to assist one another in making the process of living a wonderful experience, even when we lose people along the way, they are still with us!

It’s quite alright to ask for help! It’s quite alright to not have everything figured out! Your answers and inspiration will come to you when they are supposed to come to you! Everything has a timing, even when we don’t understand it! Even if we don’t agree with it!

I do a lot of meditation and read a lot of books but my main source of inspiration and positivity comes from up above! 

No matter what your beliefs are… find your source, your inspiration and pray! You will see that at the right time, everything will come to you! 🙏

People Never Die!

One of the many things I’ve learned from my father is to never forget where I came from and who I am…He always knew just what to say to comfort my aching soul…he was my rock and my foundation! When he passed away, I felt like and in many ways continue to feel lost as if the rug was pulled right from under my feet… My foundation that I spoke about crumbled and there was nothing that I could do to piece it back again… 

That’s life, a complete mystery! Moments that change every second of the day… Although we already knew that one day our destiny would be cut short, we are really never prepared for that moment… we always want to be in control of everything but there’s always things beyond our control. 

Life is unfair… but at the same time it might be just depending on which side of the coin your standing by! One day it will all make sense… when we finally meet our Creator… to think that this is all we have would probably be an understatement… some come into this world only for a few hours or seconds or even days… to only leave it right after. 

To not wonder about more is to not show interest – but as someone that writes, imagination is what I don’t lack. Many questions unanswered no doubt but enough to believe in much more than is visible to the eyesight! 

Life is short! Enjoy every second with the ones you love because in the end, it won’t matter how much money is in your bank account or the car that you drive… or if your house is big and wide, but the moments you spent with the ones you love… the time you spent listening to your friend in a time of need! Material possessions are not really ours… when our time is up, they stay behind and move to somebody else… People never die… they just transform and live on in our hearts! ❤️