Be Yourself…

Life is not about being what others want you to be or impressing others.

It’s about being ourselves the way we truly want without any approvals but our own.

Live your life the way you want and always follow your dreams! 

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What are You Waiting for to be Happy

What are you waiting for to be happy? The time is now. The opportunity is the present! 

We don’t have to wait for tomorrow or after tomorrow or the day after that! We just have to decide that today is the day to be happy! It’s that simple! To keep your thoughts positive  in the midst of negativity! To keep your actions aligned with your words. Give it a try!

See how much you can accomplish if you just try and believe in yourself. The difference between the happiest people and the unhappiest is how they feel about themselves! If you don’t value yourself, you can’t expect others to! It all starts from inside and it all starts with you!

What are you waiting for to be happy? ❤️


You Are a Supermom

It’s not easy…. It’s not easy juggling everything at once. It’s not easy easy wearing many hats.. Juggling a career… juggling the family household…. taking care of the kids… making sure your duties as a wife are being met! It’s not easy…. Somewhere around all that busyness we lose track of ourselves and our purpose… That’s the trick, knowing that your doing your best and that your not comparing yourself to your neighbour. The truth is you don’t know what they are going thru…. You don’t know their struggles…

You don’t know if they have it all together in the first place… They can actually think that your the one that has it all together! Don’t worry if those dishes aren’t put away from the sink. Or if your bed is not made! Enjoy your journey! Enjoy your time for yourself where you can just relax and unwind…

There’s no such thing as a supermom…. What works for one might not work for another! Nothing is written in stone! Usually the ones that give all the advice are precisely the ones that don’t even have kids in the first place….and we all know a few that are always ready to point fingers but never take action upon their words!

Listen to your heart! You know your child and if you have more than one, like I do you’ll know that each child is different. Each child has different needs at different times… To your child, you are the Supermom! You are their protector! If something doesn’t work for you, try something else! You got this! 😘✨🌟⭐️

Life is full of Changes


Life is full of changes. Since birth we have been learning to change, from being an infant in diapers to learning how to walk and talk…to being an adolescent with so much wonder and curiosity….It never stops…. the changes keep coming and the curiosity as well….

At times we don’t do more changes because of fear of the unknown. We listen to the wrong voices discouraging us from our full potential. Worst than that is we listen to our voice telling us we can’t make it! Somehow, somewhere, part of us was lost the moment somebody told us that we were not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not enough of something and that stuck with us… The worst part of that, it was either said to us at a young age and carried over with us thru adulthood or it was said to us by someone we trusted with our hearts and stayed with us throughout other relationships… Either way, it made an impact on how we think and act presently.

Your strength is stronger than any problem! Your resilience and perseverance is what will always allow you to bounce back from any situation. You survived everything that’s happened to you until now and everything that people tried to do to you to keep you off course, you survived it alone… You did it yourself… Why? Because you have more strength in you then you can imagine!

Wishing for a new life is not enough to make it happen …. First we start by wanting to change what we know will have to be changed … It means risking and getting out of what we are used to and doing something to improve. Going after our dreams … Facing our fears …. It may also mean changing careers …. Changing friends …. Changing the type of food we eat …. Changing the style of clothes we wear… Moving to a better location … or even changing our daily schedule!

If you have things to change, you have to make them! You can’t waste your energy avoiding what is inevitable … Changes are natural things of life … When we are afraid of them, they may happen because there are things beyond our control. When we accept the changes we have a better chance of reaching our goals …. Accept the changes that are coming!

God is Love ❤️

Actions speak louder than words but when your actions don’t match your words it’s time to rethink your objectives before your true motives are brought into light! Don’t just preach set the example…

I’ve come across many but only few really truly hurt with their inspirational words and touching remarks about God, and then come around to finding out that the ones that really showed interest in helping and genuinely cared were the ones that went behind closed doors to try to sabotage my ideas,
painting an exaggerated picture while lacking compassion. God is Love. God is encouragement. God is compassionate and patient. God is for the truth and with time finally makes things happen to open our eyes. God is not greedy and isn’t happy when we are to each other! When people try to do a fast one on us to hurt us, the best we can do is stay clear from them and let karma take over! Keep those that really care for our wellbeing and get rid of those that just pretend to care…. only going thru the hardships will we finally be able to pick up the signs and recognize the bad ones from the good ones!

Now is the time

Now is the time… Don’t wait for tomorrow or after tomorrow to let things miraculously fall into place the way you want. If you do, you’ll be basically waiting forever. Things don’t just happen without taking the necessary steps and actions to make them happen. If your waiting for the right time to do what is right or to follow your dreams or to turn things around, you will always be stuck with the same results. You might even continue to feel the same stress that’s stealing your joy. There will always be things beyond our control. Things we cannot immediately get answers to, or closures for but the show must go on… We have now, tomorrow is not guaranteed…Stop living your life based on another’s expectations for you. Stop living your life in someone else’s shadow. You are unique! You are beautiful inside and out! You have a lot of potential if you only believe in yourself! You don’t need permission to follow your heart. You don’t need authorization to be happy! Be Happy NOW! Whatever is happening will fall into place. Keep dreaming and keep chasing those Dreams!

It Pays To Do Good!

Things don’t always have to be the same if you don’t want it to. Your life begins to shift the moment you start to change the way you look at things and the meaning they have to you! Most of the time, we focus more than we should on the things that really don’t matter much. Once we begin to see what really does matter, and what deserves our energy, we change our lives for the better. It’s easy to get stuck in a negative mindset when things don’t go our own way, but the real test is remaining positive in times when you feel like giving up. The best way for good things to come is to do good things for others. Help someone in need. Be the listening ear that will make a difference in the lives of others. It might do wonders to that person that needs it, you never know if you might just need it some day too!
Shine your positive light in the face of all negative things and your world will begin to change. When trouble and confusion surround you, see the situation as the opportunity that it is to be a valuable person making a difference! Even if things around you seem to be at their worst, be your best so that you can accomplish the most! Be calm and patient when things around you are out of control, hectic or noisy! You will always find those close and dear to you who are selfish and greedy, be compassionate and loving while showing them the way to be! Sometimes people get too caught up in the wanting that they forget about what’s truly important! If you are unhappy with what you see, you can always modify things or yourself to be a better version of you! Your light will always shine bright to any darkness!!! ✨

Time Waits for No One

Too many times we let our emotions get the best of us! When we are hurt or someone betrays us, we spend our precious time angry, resentful, envious or even thinking of ways to get back at who wronged us. The truth is, all that negative energy won’t have any impact on the person but deeply on us.

We are wasting part of our time with negative thoughts and emotions when truly we could benefit more of that time with something more profound for our well being.

There are things out of our control but we can choose how to react to those things that come when we least expect it!

Start your day right by choosing what it is you really want done for your day! Choose your minutes wisely, because Time waits for no one! Does it really matter if someone cut you off in traffic? It hurts when someone we trusted betrays us, but isn’t better to know now then be friends with someone that in the end doesn’t deserve your trust and will deceive you anyways? That proposal that you delivered got turned down, you worked hard on it but still it didn’t make the cut, it happens! It wasn’t the right time! Many famous actors and authors got turned down plenty of times before someone gave them a chance! It just makes you want to work harder for what you really want!

Don’t dwell on what could have been when you still have a chance to make it happen the next time around! ❤️️