Keep Learning

They say knowledge is power… that is particularly true… When you know a lot, the power of what you do with your knowledge lies in you…

Education doesn’t start only in school but at a young age at home… it’s not only what you learn in school but what you do afterwards. Learning doesn’t stop after you finish school but continues on. We are constantly learning until we die…

Some say that the greatest teachers is life! That you learn the real lessons out in the real world with your life experiences… You learn real life skills with your triumphs and defeats, with your ups and downs, and all the falls until you learn the lessons! You have to be willing to continuously learn if you want to be on top of things. This fast paced world is changing rapidly by the second… if we don’t work hard and learn new skills we are replaced in seconds… There is always someone out there that is willing and able to do your job for a fraction of the cost! Think of that! People are always replaceable at a job…. We have to keep learning…. Keep updating our skills and knowledge! 

When things fail, and at times they do, we can lose money, our home, our car, a relationship, sadly even family but what we learned and lived throughout our life journey can never be taken away! ❤️

Never stop looking up 
Never stop reflecting, questioning, and dreaming. There’s so much to learn about and so much we can achieve in this life 🌎 It all starts with YOU! 
There’s something about the sky…makes you wonder about everything that’s truly huge making us really small but we get bigger every time we grow!

IMG_6672Good Morning… The first thing to remember is that you received another day! Be grateful! Another day to fulfill your destiny! Another day to shine bright! Another day for a fresh start to make things right! Don’t focus on what you don’t have but rather on what you do! You really have a lot to be grateful! ❤️️

IMG_6240Everything that has happened to you, good and bad, has brought you exactly to this moment! You are very important! This moment is all you have to be truly happy and to make your dreams a reality! Don’t wait for the perfect day to be happy! The Universe needs more people like you! 💫👏✨🌟

Take Responsibility

What do you think 💭 about? Do you think about what your lacking and your problems? Or do you think 💭 about what you have and how grateful you are to have all these things? Do you really sit down and count your Blessings or are you still stuck in thinking about the things your missing?

Great philosophers think that the more we think of something whether it is positive or negative we are actually pushing for more of it in our lives. The Universe is giving you back everything you are thinking about! If your thinking about what your missing and how much problems you have, then that’s exactly what your going to get, more lack of and more problems!

We might not know everything that we need to know, probably if we did we probably wouldn’t be here in this world!

Things happen to us every day, what we make of the situation with what happens is what is going to be all the difference in the world! We can disapprove and be disappointed and play the role of a victim or we can get up from our fall twice as fast, take responsibility that at some point we thought about these things and they ended up happening.

We are all winners! We all want to succeed and when we don’t right away it is because we are letting others influence our way of thinking. We are sabotaging our own process of getting to where we want!

Keep your thoughts positive so the positive can continue to come to you! Keep your mind on your goals and what you want to achieve so that everything will fall into place like magic!

Reach for the stars ✨ even if you miss your closer than you can imagine! You know I’ve been thinking about people that have wanted to do something great with their life and when they are about to start heading in that direction they immediately feel discouraged and overwhelmed when they let someone dictate what they can or not do and then their dream becomes just that, a dream that’s waiting to vanish into a distant thought with time. I can’t help but feel sad for people that are going through that situation and at times I have passed through this as well. There is always hope! There is always a chance for you to change your direction that your life is sailing by. It’s always a stretch from what your used to and know, just like an abyss. An unknown part that you don’t know the outcome but nothing has to be always by the book. In some things you have to follow the rules, but certain times when it’s to better yourself you have to forget what you already know and break the rules a little bit and follow your own path by taking that chance! It really is in all of us! Just don’t let anyone get in the way of your plans or ambitions. Sometimes there are things that happen beyond our control. That’s actually fine. Maybe the timing is just not right…but when it gets to us developing our skills to making us better, don’t let anyone stop you for fulfilling that dream. You have this life to be the best possible you. So be you! Take that course you’ve always wanted. Take that trip you’ve always wanted. Take that job that inlines with what you always wanted. Do it for you and not someone else!

The World Needs less Boxes…

You know what they say, “the bigger they come, the harder they fall”… Anyone can climb that corporate ladder, whether it’s the right way or wrong way but few can remain on top! If you don’t have the right mindset or skills… or even the right attitude and work ethic the only place you’ll be heading is a downward spiral! Don’t underestimate the person that doesn’t show what he knows! He can be a genius in disguise! Waiting for his opportunity to shine the right way, without any favours in between or stepping on others toes! Someone that climbs the right way and has waited patiently for his chance knows how hard it is to get there and will do his best possible to get things done with results and therefore will always appreciate what he receives! It’s all about appreciating others. Being grateful for their existence just as I am very grateful for my readers… Too often enough we undervalue each other, either because we’ve placed each other in boxes and made our own conclusions on each other. Most of those conclusions have no real truth behind them because we didn’t give ourselves the chance to really get to know one another and learn from each other… The world needs less boxes and more openness! ❤️

Making Memories

I usually like all seasons. I choose to adapt to my surroundings, I guess it’s not by chance that I was born a Pisces, as a fish 🐟 adapts to all kinds of fishbowls except for land of course, but there’s something about Autumn 🍂 that keeps me wanting more… Maybe it’s that cool 😎 breeze that’s felt and nothing that a warm sweater can’t cure! It’s not too cold and not too warm… Or maybe it’s those vibrant colours… those lovely oranges, reds, browns, yellows… the transition of change that green 🍃 goes through is a fenomenal act of Nature and our creator from up above… During this time of year, a normal trip on the subway 🚋 can fascinate you while you see the beauty that lies outside. If it gets a little breezy, now you can finally have some of that delicious 😋 hot chocolate 🍫 and pumpkin 🎃 pie! This is always a great time to go with the family 🍎 picking or pumpkin 🎃 picking as Halloween 👻 is around the corner. There are always many artistic exhibits just waiting to delight the spectators. If music 🎶 is more your thing than newer seasons come out in the fall, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for orchestra concerts, musicals or 💃. There are various fairs to go to during this season and you will always find one ☝️ that fits along the lines of what you like. Just the other day we took the kids to the Pumpkin 🎃 fair which they ❤️ … so much that we couldn’t come back home 🏡 without a pumpkin 🎃. What was hard was finding the right one… who would have thought 💭 that a five year old and a three your old would be so picky? Our next fair will be the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair… the kids love seeing the animals and get extra excited 😊 when they see the horse 🐴 and dogs 🐶 shows…The important thing is making memories. Taking pictures! Building a traditions that can be carried on throughout generations and that’s what we continuously do when we can. Sometimes its not easy with small kids but we try and don’t give up! Happy Fall!!! ❤️

How to Get Involved In Your Child’s School


One of the best ways to get closer to your child or children is to be involved more in their education.  When you get involved in their School Activities you let your child or children know that you’re interested in their lives. You can get involved by being part of the Parents-Teachers Association, Volunteering on Field Trips or even in other ways.

1. Join the Parents-Teacher Association of your child’s school. By joining you will have an active part in working together with the teachers and principal as other parents too. Part of working together is discussing policies for the benefit of the children. As an active participant you will have your voice heard. You will be able to choose and see what’s working and what’s not working. Your ideas will be brought to the table for discussion in the monthly meetings. New program ideas are also discussed as also future field trips. Activities to raise funds for the school are also chosen with the help of the parents.

2. Being a Volunteer for Field trips is also a very valuable experience. Assisting your child’s teacher can be rewarding. Field trips are vital for your child’s education because they get to learn something that will be a positive reference in their education first hand. If your working you can always schedule a day off to participate. If you cannot make it, it’s always good to see if someone in your immediate family can go for, usually it’s a good time for a grandparent to partake in the education of their grandchild.

3. Another way to get involved is to be able to come in for an hour or two to either read to the class or assist in other activities that the teacher may be doing. If your good at a particular subject or in crafts, you could always teach a craft or teach the children to do their first painting. You can always help with baking. Or help with any invitations the school might need. During outdoor activities you can also volunteer for a couple of hours.

These are just some ideas but there are more. You could always call the school and find out how you can be of assistance. After all, making memories is what’s it’s all about!