Take Responsibility

What do you think πŸ’­ about? Do you think about what your lacking and your problems? Or do you think πŸ’­ about what you have and how grateful you are to have all these things? Do you really sit down and count your Blessings or are you still stuck in thinking about the things your missing?

Great philosophers think that the more we think of something whether it is positive or negative we are actually pushing for more of it in our lives. The Universe is giving you back everything you are thinking about! If your thinking about what your missing and how much problems you have, then that’s exactly what your going to get, more lack of and more problems!

We might not know everything that we need to know, probably if we did we probably wouldn’t be here in this world!

Things happen to us every day, what we make of the situation with what happens is what is going to be all the difference in the world! We can disapprove and be disappointed and play the role of a victim or we can get up from our fall twice as fast, take responsibility that at some point we thought about these things and they ended up happening.

We are all winners! We all want to succeed and when we don’t right away it is because we are letting others influence our way of thinking. We are sabotaging our own process of getting to where we want!

Keep your thoughts positive so the positive can continue to come to you! Keep your mind on your goals and what you want to achieve so that everything will fall into place like magic!


Communication is key in all areas… without communication how would we know what ones thoughts are on any subject or concern… it allows us to find a way to compromise and accept each other’s way of thinking without misunderstandings yet having a sense of acceptance knowing that even though we might not think alike we can still get along and mutually respect one another! Negative forces and people might be happy with the silence… They live for misunderstandings and broken promises so people can go their separate ways or have their backs turned on each other! But we have to be strong and ask for Divine Guidance to remove the people that will do us more harm than good, even those disguised as friends! ❀️

Do you want to have more JOY in your life? Leave all your hatred behind! Forget your worries and live day to day! Keep things simple! Give more! Expect less from people and things, then you won’t feel disappointed! Love love and Love!

Making Memories

I usually like all seasons. I choose to adapt to my surroundings, I guess it’s not by chance that I was born a Pisces, as a fish 🐟 adapts to all kinds of fishbowls except for land of course, but there’s something about Autumn πŸ‚ that keeps me wanting more… Maybe it’s that cool 😎 breeze that’s felt and nothing that a warm sweater can’t cure! It’s not too cold and not too warm… Or maybe it’s those vibrant colours… those lovely oranges, reds, browns, yellows… the transition of change that green πŸƒ goes through is a fenomenal act of Nature and our creator from up above… During this time of year, a normal trip on the subway πŸš‹ can fascinate you while you see the beauty that lies outside. If it gets a little breezy, now you can finally have some of that delicious πŸ˜‹ hot chocolate 🍫 and pumpkin πŸŽƒ pie! This is always a great time to go with the family 🍎 picking or pumpkin πŸŽƒ picking as Halloween πŸ‘» is around the corner. There are always many artistic exhibits just waiting to delight the spectators. If music 🎢 is more your thing than newer seasons come out in the fall, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for orchestra concerts, musicals or πŸ’ƒ. There are various fairs to go to during this season and you will always find one ☝️ that fits along the lines of what you like. Just the other day we took the kids to the Pumpkin πŸŽƒ fair which they ❀️ … so much that we couldn’t come back home 🏑 without a pumpkin πŸŽƒ. What was hard was finding the right one… who would have thought πŸ’­ that a five year old and a three your old would be so picky? Our next fair will be the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair… the kids love seeing the animals and get extra excited 😊 when they see the horse 🐴 and dogs 🐢 shows…The important thing is making memories. Taking pictures! Building a traditions that can be carried on throughout generations and that’s what we continuously do when we can. Sometimes its not easy with small kids but we try and don’t give up! Happy Fall!!! ❀️

Love one another has you want to be loved…

Don’t judge a book πŸ“š by its cover… Everyone has a right to be here! Everyone has great potential if you only give them a chance to show their worth! Don’t be fooled by the one that keeps agreeing with you.. Their mouths πŸ‘„ might not be saying what their hearts πŸ’• say. Look beyond the appearance and get to know the person for who they really are. At times the people you least expect to help you are the only ones that will give you a hand! Your attitude towards people can be the turning point for another. Make it a positive one. We all want to be loved! Love ❀️ one another has you want to be loved…