Good Morning Beautiful People from Toronto…

It is a beautiful day while I take a break before starting home schooling lessons on our three kids.
It is not easy, especially with a Special Needs child that needs an added incentive to do his best! He is very smart but at the same time he sabotages himself by not doing more but we can only do our best and decided not to put too much pressure on him. We do our best explaining to him the steps and even work together, but some days when he wakes up, and he’s not feeling it, then there’s not enough requests and trade-offs that will make him do his work…
So, we just give him his space and when he sees his siblings having fun doing their work, he comes around. Sometimes he does work that is not for him and we are ecstatic by that! Thankfully, every day is not the same! We all do not learn the same… To anyone going through this, “don’t give up”! Do what you can! There is always tomorrow for another chance…

Love You to Infinity and Beyond ❤️

My seven year old was diagnosed with Autism last year and I wrote this for him just now… One day I’ll read it to him and let him know that he’s a present from up above!

My Sweet Sergio! Don’t ever let someone tell you that your weird or strange just because you have a strong interest on various subjects!

Keep learning and keep growing! Your sharp mind and keen interests will allow you to grow into a beautiful young man! You think outside the box! Who wants to learn what they want us to know and not what we would like! You outsmart any one of those classmates that are the first ones to ostracize you just because they don’t understand you! To me, it’s not that they don’t understand you but more because they are not open to exchange ideas… and we both know your full of ideas…. maybe they are just scared of what they could learn from you! 

That’s probably what it is…they don’t see how incredibly passionate you are about your topics of interest… They don’t see your beautiful mind because they keep seeing your “weirdness” and it’s stopping them from seeing your incredible heart!

Keep being yourself! We are all unique and   beautiful in our own way! If someone doesn’t like us for our own individuality than they miss out on having a friend for a lifetime! You deserve to be accepted for all that you are and bring to this beautiful world! 

I see that every day of your existence! I see your sorrow when all those around you are being invited to Birthday parties and your the one being left out! Be strong for we will celebrate your life every day and not just on one day in particular!

Keep wanting to learn about fans and washing machines or coins and elf’s … you have so much to teach us and we have so much to learn from you!

Believe in yourself! I do! I know you are capable of so much and one day, everyone else will know it too!

Love you to infinity and beyond! The moon is much closer than we know! 😘