Never Give Up

When things don’t go our way, and they sometimes won’t… try again! Do everything all over again! Try another way! Ask for help! Do your research! Go back and start fresh but please please don’t give up! Most of the times are breakthroughs are just when we want to give up!

IMG_6240Everything that has happened to you, good and bad, has brought you exactly to this moment! You are very important! This moment is all you have to be truly happy and to make your dreams a reality! Don’t wait for the perfect day to be happy! The Universe needs more people like you! 💫👏✨🌟

Making Memories

I usually like all seasons. I choose to adapt to my surroundings, I guess it’s not by chance that I was born a Pisces, as a fish 🐟 adapts to all kinds of fishbowls except for land of course, but there’s something about Autumn 🍂 that keeps me wanting more… Maybe it’s that cool 😎 breeze that’s felt and nothing that a warm sweater can’t cure! It’s not too cold and not too warm… Or maybe it’s those vibrant colours… those lovely oranges, reds, browns, yellows… the transition of change that green 🍃 goes through is a fenomenal act of Nature and our creator from up above… During this time of year, a normal trip on the subway 🚋 can fascinate you while you see the beauty that lies outside. If it gets a little breezy, now you can finally have some of that delicious 😋 hot chocolate 🍫 and pumpkin 🎃 pie! This is always a great time to go with the family 🍎 picking or pumpkin 🎃 picking as Halloween 👻 is around the corner. There are always many artistic exhibits just waiting to delight the spectators. If music 🎶 is more your thing than newer seasons come out in the fall, so don’t forget to keep an eye out for orchestra concerts, musicals or 💃. There are various fairs to go to during this season and you will always find one ☝️ that fits along the lines of what you like. Just the other day we took the kids to the Pumpkin 🎃 fair which they ❤️ … so much that we couldn’t come back home 🏡 without a pumpkin 🎃. What was hard was finding the right one… who would have thought 💭 that a five year old and a three your old would be so picky? Our next fair will be the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair… the kids love seeing the animals and get extra excited 😊 when they see the horse 🐴 and dogs 🐶 shows…The important thing is making memories. Taking pictures! Building a traditions that can be carried on throughout generations and that’s what we continuously do when we can. Sometimes its not easy with small kids but we try and don’t give up! Happy Fall!!! ❤️

Hidden Talents Don’t Stay Hidden for too long

Be open to all possibilities. You may find your life taking a different more authentic direction. Let your creative side get the best of you. It could be that all those scraps of writing scattered all around the house can turn into something more concrete for you…who knows, maybe a novel? Or maybe your starting to use your children’s paint set and realize how good you are at creating something astounding and creative. Hidden talents don’t stay hidden for too long! ❤️