Keep Learning

They say knowledge is power… that is particularly true… When you know a lot, the power of what you do with your knowledge lies in you…

Education doesn’t start only in school but at a young age at home… it’s not only what you learn in school but what you do afterwards. Learning doesn’t stop after you finish school but continues on. We are constantly learning until we die…

Some say that the greatest teachers is life! That you learn the real lessons out in the real world with your life experiences… You learn real life skills with your triumphs and defeats, with your ups and downs, and all the falls until you learn the lessons! You have to be willing to continuously learn if you want to be on top of things. This fast paced world is changing rapidly by the second… if we don’t work hard and learn new skills we are replaced in seconds… There is always someone out there that is willing and able to do your job for a fraction of the cost! Think of that! People are always replaceable at a job…. We have to keep learning…. Keep updating our skills and knowledge! 

When things fail, and at times they do, we can lose money, our home, our car, a relationship, sadly even family but what we learned and lived throughout our life journey can never be taken away! ❤️


Compliment Each Other

Part of being with someone is being ourselves… People believe that being with someone is supposed to complete them as a whole, but the truth is no one can complete us. People are supposed to compliment each other with their similarities and differences….

We can’t put pressure on someone to complete us when ourselves at times are not complete… we go through various emotions on a regular basis and therefore are in constant change…. If we don’t change we’re not growing…. Change is part of our Journey of constant improvement!

A person that’s great for you will support you and push you to be and do better! They will be the first ones applauding you and will give you the space and time that you need to do the things that you enjoy… If we don’t find the time to do the things we love, we cannot bring something new to our relationship. Everyone needs time to do the things that they love, not for their significant other but for themselves. Which in the end, everyone wins! ❤️

One Step Closer

Determination is the key to achieving what your heart desires. Are you determined?

Do you have what it takes to get to where you want? Yes you do! We all do! There’s nothing stopping us when we are determined. There’s nothing stopping us when we have a vision and we are determined to make it reality. Nothing comes easy without hard work but it starts with a vision and determination! 

Many people want results but they are not willing to work hard for them. They want what they want without lifting a finger because they expect others to do the work for them or that things will miraculously fall in they’re hands. It might happen and they might get lucky but the luck might run out and then they are right back where they started….

Everyday your one step closer to where you want to go… stay determined and work hard for it… before you know it, you’ll be where you want! ❤️

We are Never Poor when we Give

With the holidays upon us, this is a great time to keep in mind all the people around you that need your assistance! Remember the reason for the Season…. the Birth of Christ and it is also the time to give to those in need! 

Donating your old clothes will help someone in need and keep them warmer at night! Remember we should always do what we can to help… things change every second… Sometimes bad things happen to good people… 

Especially in this time of the year, there is always someone missing their family… whether they are far away or have already gone to another dimension… people will always feel lonely and having someone there to talk to, might be what they need to raise their spirits!

Volunteer your time at a local shelter. To someone it might be the difference they need to keep their faith alive! We cannot forget that time and circumstances change at a blink of an eye and those that might be up today, tomorrow could be down!

There is always people in old age homes that long for visitors and never have them. Go to a nursing home and spend your time . They are fountains of knowledge where you can learn just about any subject with first hand experience. 

Bake some cookies or a meal for someone. We are never poor by giving for our soul yearns for moments that take away our loneliness. Every time you give, your giving yourself the opportunity to grow into a person that wants to be the change that this world needs!

Happy giving! ❤️

Love You to Infinity and Beyond ❤️

My seven year old was diagnosed with Autism last year and I wrote this for him just now… One day I’ll read it to him and let him know that he’s a present from up above!

My Sweet Sergio! Don’t ever let someone tell you that your weird or strange just because you have a strong interest on various subjects!

Keep learning and keep growing! Your sharp mind and keen interests will allow you to grow into a beautiful young man! You think outside the box! Who wants to learn what they want us to know and not what we would like! You outsmart any one of those classmates that are the first ones to ostracize you just because they don’t understand you! To me, it’s not that they don’t understand you but more because they are not open to exchange ideas… and we both know your full of ideas…. maybe they are just scared of what they could learn from you! 

That’s probably what it is…they don’t see how incredibly passionate you are about your topics of interest… They don’t see your beautiful mind because they keep seeing your “weirdness” and it’s stopping them from seeing your incredible heart!

Keep being yourself! We are all unique and   beautiful in our own way! If someone doesn’t like us for our own individuality than they miss out on having a friend for a lifetime! You deserve to be accepted for all that you are and bring to this beautiful world! 

I see that every day of your existence! I see your sorrow when all those around you are being invited to Birthday parties and your the one being left out! Be strong for we will celebrate your life every day and not just on one day in particular!

Keep wanting to learn about fans and washing machines or coins and elf’s … you have so much to teach us and we have so much to learn from you!

Believe in yourself! I do! I know you are capable of so much and one day, everyone else will know it too!

Love you to infinity and beyond! The moon is much closer than we know! 😘

Keep the Faith

Obstacles appear out of nowhere at times to make you aware of your capabilities. They are there to test your perseverance. We are all so much stronger than we realize!


Everything comes with a price and a lesson. At times we stay stuck on the obstacle that we don’t see the opportunity that awaits us. It may be hidden but if we are open and aware, we can find a solution and the strength that we’ll need to overturn any problem.


Sometimes it’s the hard lessons that we must take to get through to another level of our existence… Whatever you do, don’t give up! Keep your faith the highest when it’s at its lowest!


A loss of a job will allow you to reflect on your options of starting a business. A sickness will allow you to take better care of yourself and keep believing in getting better with the proper nutrition and medication so that you overcome your sickness and be an advocate for others! A death in the family will allow you to heal with time and perhaps start a Legacy honouring your loved one! A broken heart of an end to a relationship will allow you the time to finally be in a relationship with yourself, doing the things you love and improving for you and nobody else.


Anything can be achieved with the proper mindset and faith!


Keep the Faith!

Lend a Hand

Your life here on this Earth is to serve a purpose…. Your here to learn as much as possible and to teach as much as possible! 

The Universe wants to give you as many Blessings as you need at the moment- as long as you continue to help others on their journey! Our Journey is ours alone, however, our part is to Guide someone along who is lost! There are many lost souls… that all just needed was to find someone who showed them they cared! 

If you see someone in need and you can help, help them! Lend a hand!  Be the ears they need to listen to their frustrations. Many times we stay stuck on things of our past and our future worries that we lose track of our present and those around us! 

We stay in our own shell and egotistical ways that we lose sight of what is really important and who is important! We cannot live without embracing one another… show you care… to somebody it might just be what they needed at the time! ❤️

Never Give Up

When things don’t go our way, and they sometimes won’t… try again! Do everything all over again! Try another way! Ask for help! Do your research! Go back and start fresh but please please don’t give up! Most of the times are breakthroughs are just when we want to give up!

Everything Will Come to You

I’ve been asked, how do you stay positive when inside your broken…. I am broken inside! I don’t know if I’ll ever be whole again… Honestly, I don’t think I’ll ever be! That’s quite alright with me… because it’s a sign that the void that I feel with the loss of my father has not been filled! It never will no matter how much time passes and who comes into my life!

The pain will never go away… no matter if people say that time will help… time only helps you learn to cope with the pain of losing someone that meant the world to you! You will never forget the person! What you have to hold onto are the memories you shared… the laughter and even the tears at different times of your life! 

You just have to look for ways that are constructive and will help you on your new journey! We are all here to assist one another in making the process of living a wonderful experience, even when we lose people along the way, they are still with us!

It’s quite alright to ask for help! It’s quite alright to not have everything figured out! Your answers and inspiration will come to you when they are supposed to come to you! Everything has a timing, even when we don’t understand it! Even if we don’t agree with it!

I do a lot of meditation and read a lot of books but my main source of inspiration and positivity comes from up above! 

No matter what your beliefs are… find your source, your inspiration and pray! You will see that at the right time, everything will come to you! 🙏

My father and I a few years back! We were two accomplices… we were almost always together! Either having a coffee in a cafe! Covering events in the Community as my dad was a Journalist or even playing cards with his friends! It’s really devastating!