Your Resilience will Push You Further

When things go our way, it’s incredible! It’s so easy to be happy and grateful for all the good things. The trick is being grateful for the things that go wrong in our lives. Sometimes just a change of attitude and thoughts can go a long way. For every negative that occurs there’s always a positive. Sometimes we are so focused on what happened or what didn’t happen that we lose sight of what could happen, our benefit of what seems to be a setback! Look for the opportunity to do something better. To perfect your weaknesses and also your strengths, while you find a better way!

Life has a way of pushing us to our limits… Sometimes we could be working so hard that we lose sight of what’s important, and life pushes that we suffer an accident. With that we see what really was important, our family for one, that we neglected throughout the years because it was all about the money and a career.

We all have our preferences and know what it’s all about but if you don’t have a balance something is bound to happen to shake you up and make you think!

Your resilience and strength, ability to bounce back is what will you push you further and closer to your destination… It’s really all about your attitude and if it’s a positive one your half way there!

Courage my friend! Your closer than you think! Believe that things will change and your capacity to grow with it all!


Keep Your Dreams Alive


In life, we all have dreams! We all have hopes and desires of things we want to do with our lives!

There will always be people that will interfere and dissuade you
into doing what you love to do! Even unforeseen situations and misfortune can happen to break you, be strong and stay focused! It all can be your turning point to make you! Behind adversity comes prosperity!

Remember that dreams do come true, if only you stay fixated on your dreams and stay clear of all the pessimism!

You were born to excel! Inside of you are gifts and aptitudes that no one else in the world has awaiting to come out! Search within your soul to see what gives you so much joy to do, then take the next step of action but always believe that you can. Anything is possible if you only have faith!

IMG_6240Everything that has happened to you, good and bad, has brought you exactly to this moment! You are very important! This moment is all you have to be truly happy and to make your dreams a reality! Don’t wait for the perfect day to be happy! The Universe needs more people like you! 💫👏✨🌟

Do You believe

IMG_6254One day a 6 year old girl was sitting in the classroom.
The teacher was going to explain evolution to the children.
The teacher asked a little boy:
Teacher: Tommy do you see the tree out side?
Tommy: Yes.
Teacher: Tommy, do you see the grass out side?
Tommy: Yes.
Teacher: Go out side and look up and see if you can see the sky.
Tommy: OK. (He returned a few minutes later) Yes, I saw the sky.
Teacher: Did you see God?
Tommy: No.
Teacher: That’s my point. We can’t see God because he isn’t there.
The little girl spoke up and wanted to ask the boy some questions. Teacher agreed and she asked the boy:
Little Girl: Tommy, do you see the tree outside?
Tommy: Yes.
Little girl: Tommy do you see the grass outside?
Tommy: Yessssss (getting tired of the questions by this time)
Little girl: Did you see the sky?
Tommy: Yessssss
Little Girl: Tommy, do you see the teacher?
Tommy: Yes
Little Girl: Do you see her brain?
Tommy: No
Little Girl: Then according to what we were taught today in school, she must not have one!

(Author Unknown)

“The thing that I valued the most was your time, Leonardo.”

Leonardo was a determined man with a lot of ambition. He wanted to be wealthy. Have plenty of money. To be able to give his wife and child everything that their hearts desired. He worked at the Stock Exchange. He bought and sold stocks. While studying, Leonardo lived at home with his mother. He had a neighbor by the name of Anthony who taught him the most important things a child needed to know. He taught him to tie his shoe laces, to count, to write his name…. Leonardo lost his father at the tender age of one… and the only male figure that he had was his neighbor. When he completed his degree, he decided to leave home and moved away to another part of the city. He wanted to try his own luck and it was there that he met his dear Margaret whom he married shortly after. He had not seen Anthony since his University days. Leonardo was a very busy man … he had no time to think about the past, and sometimes he forgot about his family. He was engaged enough with his work. He worked for his future and the future of those he loved. One day he received a phone call from his mother saying that “Anthony had died the night before, and that the funeral would be in two days.” He was astonished to think of his past. He only stopped when he heard his mother tell him that there was not a day that passed without Anthony not asking for his son. And talked about how many times he would go to his house when he was a kid.
Leonardo, let some tears slip away as he reminisced about his past. Leonardo knew he had a lot of work pending but promised to be at the funeral and kept his promise. He took a train and off he went. On the eve of returning home, Leonardo wanted to go to Anthony’s house with his mother one last time. As he entered the house, he paused for a moment. It felt like he was crossing over into another dimension. Thoughts of all the memories, the good times, the laughter suddenly immersed. The house was exactly as he remembered all those years ago. The same paintings were hung on the wall. The furniture lies exactly at the same spot. With every step he took, more memories came. He could still hear Anthony’s voice in the background telling him stories,  He looked around the corner for a blue box he remembered seeing. “It was a small box that had a lock on top that he kept on a table. I must have asked him a thousand times what was  inside the box, and every time he said it was something that had a lot of value for him.”

It was nowhere to be found. Everything in that house was exactly as he remembered, except for the blue box. He thought maybe some family member had taken it. He thought now I’ll never know what the blue box had. Leonardo said his final goodbyes to Anthony and kissed his mother on the cheek as he returned home. Upon arriving home he found a note to go to the Post Office and pick up a parcel that was sent. Leonardo went to the post office to get his box and as he opened it, he saw the blue box that he was looking for. It was the blue box that belonged to Anthony. There was a note with it… “Leonardo, thank you for your time.” Along with the note was a very small key that opened the box … and inside the box was a very old watch … the kind you keep in your pocket. Behind the clock was a phrase that said … “The thing that I valued the most was your time, Leonardo.”


That night Leonardo held his family so tight and did not work for the rest of the day!

IMG_6238One of the final things that people lying on their deathbed say is “they wish they had more time to live!” They live with regret, not for doing the things they did, but for the things they didn’t! Our life is a magical time! It is a time for taking risks, for spending time with those we love, for doing things that we love, for correcting wrong doings, for making amends! For living and experiencing! Sure we are going to have our downfalls, hurts, frustrations but that’s how we learn and what takes us to the next level so we can grow!

Our Land is Beautiful…

We all have a place where we go to from time to time, to escape from this world. In that place we can be ourselves without feeling any judgment from anyone. No embarrassments. For me … I find myself going there almost whenever I can. It is there where I will lay down my joys, sorrows and often doubts. Any uncertainties I may have, any obstacle that I want to overcome, or if I need some advice, I go to that place and … I meet my friends there.

Everybody knows my name there. Everyone knows my soul. I hardly ever need to utter a single word, since they know what’s going on with me through my eyes. It seems they’ve already entered my head, and are reading my thoughts.

Nature knows me too. I speak to the birds, to the waves of the lake, to the trees, some of which are older than my existence.
Everyone is there to help. To find a solution in this long journey that is life. This place is a paradise. It’s huge. Doors do not exist as it is all outdoors. Whoever goes there will never leave without promising that he will return. Love reigns, and although one cannot stay there forever, longing remains … waiting for a new reunion. All the birds that cross paths with the people talk to us with their sweet eyes. They understand us. They understand our suffering, which is basically the same as theirs. The suffering of wanting to survive in this jungle of a world where it is “to each their own”. They also want to be accepted for what they are. Isn’t that really what we all want? To want to be recognized by the wonderful person we are inwardly, truly…

The trees also complain about it. That no one accepts them and does not value them for what they do to this world, which they are indeed an important element.On this land – on our land – our batteries are chargeable. We gain strength that we do not always imagine we have.
There we can play, walk, exchange impressions and really hear what others have to say. And all this, for nothing. We give our minutes and later someone will give theirs. Smiles spread through the air. There is not one who does more than the other. It’s all the same. Those who have their lower spirits, the whole team will be willing to give strength to lift them up.
Helping others is the key in this land of wonders. The waves even sing your song. It is impossible to be sad there and each one can always bring one more. They are always accepted. Your real person stands out there. Everyone is free to say what they think, without receiving disapproving looks. If you feel like screaming, no one will tell you to be quiet. If the tears appear on the face, those tears will not come alone, because everyone will cry there with you.
If you need a hug, all possible arms will be extended. Wings will exist to help you fly to new horizons. Dreaming is the main thing on this land. All who appear there have all aspirations! Sometimes they dream of the impossible … knowing that one day they will get what they want.

The determination lies there. No one complains about persistence, because they know how to wait. They know that good things happen to all who are patient. Time is not in a hurry. For life is made of moments and anyone who passes by knows how to enjoy these moments at every step.
In our imagination, there are endless possibilities. We can be anything our heart desires. There is no rush. Just moments. We live at every step. We are the ones who draw the road of our circulation. And although the masterpiece may already be pre-intended, the choice of the draft is to find out. It’s so good that we can escape into our little big world…. As the famous Richard Bach said, ‘if you want to be with the ones you love, don’t you think you’re already there?’