He’s back in town…

Guess who’s back in town?
It’s that time again of the year…

Now is the time

Now is the time… Don’t wait for tomorrow or after tomorrow to let things miraculously fall into place the way you want. If you do, you’ll be basically waiting forever. Things don’t just happen without taking the necessary steps and actions to make them happen. If your waiting for the right time to do what is right or to follow your dreams or to turn things around, you will always be stuck with the same results. You might even continue to feel the same stress that’s stealing your joy. There will always be things beyond our control. Things we cannot immediately get answers to, or closures for but the show must go on… We have now, tomorrow is not guaranteed…Stop living your life based on another’s expectations for you. Stop living your life in someone else’s shadow. You are unique! You are beautiful inside and out! You have a lot of potential if you only believe in yourself! You don’t need permission to follow your heart. You don’t need authorization to be happy! Be Happy NOW! Whatever is happening will fall into place. Keep dreaming and keep chasing those Dreams!
Life is to be celebrated, not just once a year when we are another day older but every day! Life is to be celebrated for all those moments we take for granted, for we will never get them back once they are gone! Go on, enjoy your life! Love your life not only when it’s going great, but more so when it’s going troublesome… your getting wiser with every fork in the road! They are there just to test our perseverance! Love your life! The rest will fall into place!

It Pays To Do Good!

Things don’t always have to be the same if you don’t want it to. Your life begins to shift the moment you start to change the way you look at things and the meaning they have to you! Most of the time, we focus more than we should on the things that really don’t matter much. Once we begin to see what really does matter, and what deserves our energy, we change our lives for the better. It’s easy to get stuck in a negative mindset when things don’t go our own way, but the real test is remaining positive in times when you feel like giving up. The best way for good things to come is to do good things for others. Help someone in need. Be the listening ear that will make a difference in the lives of others. It might do wonders to that person that needs it, you never know if you might just need it some day too!

You Are Capable

IMG_6686Everybody does their best with what they have. Some seem to have it all together and figured out, and if they do more power to them. What really matters is that we all find what works for us. Everybody knows what works for one doesn’t mean it will work for another. You have to try different methods before noticing the one that works best for you! This could mean with anything but right now I am referring to parenting styles. It’s not easy. Children don’t come with manuals. There’s no “on” or “off” switch. You can’t tape their mouths shut when they’re talking too much. You can’t miraculously give them something to make them sleep when you want them to. They just have to do things on their own, at their own pace and timetable. You could even have more than one kid, they are not going to be alike. Some more obedient others more disobedient. Some more talkative others more kept to themselves. Some who will play by the rules while others will be the ones in timeout for breaking those set rules. Don’t ever let anyone judge you! Telling you your not good enough or capable of. You are capable. Your a mother or father and you know what’s right for your child, not your parents or in laws, or brothers or sisters, not your neighbours or colleagues, not even any stranger you catch giving you mean glares! In a perfect world they would always be in bed in time and wake up earlier for school. Their toys and clothes would be picked up and they would have the outfit for the next day already prepared. In a perfect world they would use all their utensils properly without dropping a single pea or grain of rice on the floor. They would eat with their mouths closed and pay attention to your every word! Sometimes things don’t work out as we had hoped but there’s always a next time to give it another shot. Or a lesson to learn about what’s not working. Trial and error is a perfect way to find your way of doing things! Only you know what works for you and why it does! Keep at it, you’ll always find a way! ❤️️

Image by “sheknows”!

IMG_6672Good Morning… The first thing to remember is that you received another day! Be grateful! Another day to fulfill your destiny! Another day to shine bright! Another day for a fresh start to make things right! Don’t focus on what you don’t have but rather on what you do! You really have a lot to be grateful! ❤️️

Let Them Go


If your with someone and your heart isn’t in it, please let them go! You can’t continue to keep someone who you have no attachment to! Love is a choice we make every day allowing us to love someone despite all their flaws and life’s circumstances! It’s not easy staying together in a world that wants to torn people apart! Now if your heart is in it, fight for your love! Be the person you want in your life! It’s easy to point fingers and accuse the other person of not doing their part, but what have we done? Have we done our part? Do we go far and beyond? Is our love nurtured and cared for physically and emotionally? The little things are really the big things! If you take care of those little things, the rest will follow!

Pain is inevitable! It’s one of life’s guarantees! Nobody goes through life without getting hurt! If we did what would we learn from it and grow? To get through where we want to go, we have to pass by a few bumps and curves in the road! It’s part of a process! It’s part of our healing! Out with the bad and in with the good! Love Love Love like that is all you know! Love like it’s the air you breathe! Don’t play with someone’s heart if you don’t want someone to play with yours! Don’t be a stranger to the person that’s always had your back when the rest of those were waiting for your collapse! ❤️️