You Are a Supermom

It’s not easy…. It’s not easy juggling everything at once. It’s not easy easy wearing many hats.. Juggling a career… juggling the family household…. taking care of the kids… making sure your duties as a wife are being met! It’s not easy…. Somewhere around all that busyness we lose track of ourselves and our purpose… That’s the trick, knowing that your doing your best and that your not comparing yourself to your neighbour. The truth is you don’t know what they are going thru…. You don’t know their struggles…

You don’t know if they have it all together in the first place… They can actually think that your the one that has it all together! Don’t worry if those dishes aren’t put away from the sink. Or if your bed is not made! Enjoy your journey! Enjoy your time for yourself where you can just relax and unwind…

There’s no such thing as a supermom…. What works for one might not work for another! Nothing is written in stone! Usually the ones that give all the advice are precisely the ones that don’t even have kids in the first place….and we all know a few that are always ready to point fingers but never take action upon their words!

Listen to your heart! You know your child and if you have more than one, like I do you’ll know that each child is different. Each child has different needs at different times… To your child, you are the Supermom! You are their protector! If something doesn’t work for you, try something else! You got this! 😘✨🌟⭐️

Life is full of Changes


Life is full of changes. Since birth we have been learning to change, from being an infant in diapers to learning how to walk and talk…to being an adolescent with so much wonder and curiosity….It never stops…. the changes keep coming and the curiosity as well….

At times we don’t do more changes because of fear of the unknown. We listen to the wrong voices discouraging us from our full potential. Worst than that is we listen to our voice telling us we can’t make it! Somehow, somewhere, part of us was lost the moment somebody told us that we were not good enough, not pretty enough, not smart enough, not enough of something and that stuck with us… The worst part of that, it was either said to us at a young age and carried over with us thru adulthood or it was said to us by someone we trusted with our hearts and stayed with us throughout other relationships… Either way, it made an impact on how we think and act presently.

Your strength is stronger than any problem! Your resilience and perseverance is what will always allow you to bounce back from any situation. You survived everything that’s happened to you until now and everything that people tried to do to you to keep you off course, you survived it alone… You did it yourself… Why? Because you have more strength in you then you can imagine!

Wishing for a new life is not enough to make it happen …. First we start by wanting to change what we know will have to be changed … It means risking and getting out of what we are used to and doing something to improve. Going after our dreams … Facing our fears …. It may also mean changing careers …. Changing friends …. Changing the type of food we eat …. Changing the style of clothes we wear… Moving to a better location … or even changing our daily schedule!

If you have things to change, you have to make them! You can’t waste your energy avoiding what is inevitable … Changes are natural things of life … When we are afraid of them, they may happen because there are things beyond our control. When we accept the changes we have a better chance of reaching our goals …. Accept the changes that are coming!

God is Love ❤️

Actions speak louder than words but when your actions don’t match your words it’s time to rethink your objectives before your true motives are brought into light! Don’t just preach set the example…

I’ve come across many but only few really truly hurt with their inspirational words and touching remarks about God, and then come around to finding out that the ones that really showed interest in helping and genuinely cared were the ones that went behind closed doors to try to sabotage my ideas,
painting an exaggerated picture while lacking compassion. God is Love. God is encouragement. God is compassionate and patient. God is for the truth and with time finally makes things happen to open our eyes. God is not greedy and isn’t happy when we are to each other! When people try to do a fast one on us to hurt us, the best we can do is stay clear from them and let karma take over! Keep those that really care for our wellbeing and get rid of those that just pretend to care…. only going thru the hardships will we finally be able to pick up the signs and recognize the bad ones from the good ones!

One of the best ways of living is being outside enjoying the scenery…. Being in touch with nature… Travelling to new and exciting places. Listening to the birds sing their joyous songs. It’s not easy going places with three small kids but it’s worth every second… as they return home with a different attitude… It’s amazing what the sun does… just a few minutes outside under the sunlight restores your soul and gives you a whole new energy to conquer anything that comes your way! Don’t you agree? The winter has been long and gloomy but with birds chirping it’s a sure sign that the worst has come to pass! Enjoy your days that get longer by the hour… the trouble with that is kids won’t want to sleep at their usual time as they see it’s still light out! Happy memories as you embark on your journey. We all have our path to take and with time and patience we will get to our destination, one step at a time!