IMG_6238One of the final things that people lying on their deathbed say is “they wish they had more time to live!” They live with regret, not for doing the things they did, but for the things they didn’t! Our life is a magical time! It is a time for taking risks, for spending time with those we love, for doing things that we love, for correcting wrong doings, for making amends! For living and experiencing! Sure we are going to have our downfalls, hurts, frustrations but that’s how we learn and what takes us to the next level so we can grow!

Our Land is Beautiful…

We all have a place where we go to from time to time, to escape from this world. In that place we can be ourselves without feeling any judgment from anyone. No embarrassments. For me … I find myself going there almost whenever I can. It is there where I will lay down my joys, sorrows and often doubts. Any uncertainties I may have, any obstacle that I want to overcome, or if I need some advice, I go to that place and … I meet my friends there.

Everybody knows my name there. Everyone knows my soul. I hardly ever need to utter a single word, since they know what’s going on with me through my eyes. It seems they’ve already entered my head, and are reading my thoughts.

Nature knows me too. I speak to the birds, to the waves of the lake, to the trees, some of which are older than my existence.
Everyone is there to help. To find a solution in this long journey that is life. This place is a paradise. It’s huge. Doors do not exist as it is all outdoors. Whoever goes there will never leave without promising that he will return. Love reigns, and although one cannot stay there forever, longing remains … waiting for a new reunion. All the birds that cross paths with the people talk to us with their sweet eyes. They understand us. They understand our suffering, which is basically the same as theirs. The suffering of wanting to survive in this jungle of a world where it is “to each their own”. They also want to be accepted for what they are. Isn’t that really what we all want? To want to be recognized by the wonderful person we are inwardly, truly…

The trees also complain about it. That no one accepts them and does not value them for what they do to this world, which they are indeed an important element.On this land – on our land – our batteries are chargeable. We gain strength that we do not always imagine we have.
There we can play, walk, exchange impressions and really hear what others have to say. And all this, for nothing. We give our minutes and later someone will give theirs. Smiles spread through the air. There is not one who does more than the other. It’s all the same. Those who have their lower spirits, the whole team will be willing to give strength to lift them up.
Helping others is the key in this land of wonders. The waves even sing your song. It is impossible to be sad there and each one can always bring one more. They are always accepted. Your real person stands out there. Everyone is free to say what they think, without receiving disapproving looks. If you feel like screaming, no one will tell you to be quiet. If the tears appear on the face, those tears will not come alone, because everyone will cry there with you.
If you need a hug, all possible arms will be extended. Wings will exist to help you fly to new horizons. Dreaming is the main thing on this land. All who appear there have all aspirations! Sometimes they dream of the impossible … knowing that one day they will get what they want.

The determination lies there. No one complains about persistence, because they know how to wait. They know that good things happen to all who are patient. Time is not in a hurry. For life is made of moments and anyone who passes by knows how to enjoy these moments at every step.
In our imagination, there are endless possibilities. We can be anything our heart desires. There is no rush. Just moments. We live at every step. We are the ones who draw the road of our circulation. And although the masterpiece may already be pre-intended, the choice of the draft is to find out. It’s so good that we can escape into our little big world…. As the famous Richard Bach said, ‘if you want to be with the ones you love, don’t you think you’re already there?’

Let’s go back in Time…

If it is possible … let’s return to a time where there were no worries. No responsibilities. Where everyone treated each other as the best of friends. To a time, where there were no bad moments, only unforgettable ones. Where the swings were always near, almost at every corner. All the moments were spent playing hide and seek. Especially because we always found a hiding place with ease. Even under a chair.

Rules were made to be broken. Unless it was for a game we wanted to play, and whoever cheated, would never be able to escape without being caught. For that we were attentive. We can talk to all people, even strangers. Here, in our little world, we all knew each other.
We were never taught not to talk to strangers. That they are all good people. And woe to us, if the next door neighbor complained that we did not greet them. We would get it. And often it was not enough.

But … we survived all this. We lived in a period of Uncle Scrooge and Mickey Mouse, or even Topogiggio or Heidi’s world. The television was all ours on the weekend mornings. It was almost as if it was sacred. The chewing gums were of all colors and flavors (why not ?!) We would play ball, and sometimes even break the windows. Ice cream was eaten until the belly hurt. Every kid who knew someone from the block was soon in the group. Played with everyone with no discrimination.  We fell many times and always got up. If there was any fight, a few minutes later, we would forget.

In those times, we were all friends. The lunch that was taken to the school, could be shared with others. It was a party! No list of foods that could not be taken to school. Playground was just for racing. Always to see who ran faster. Sometimes there was always time for the Cops and the Thieves. The problem was always choosing who would be the bad guy, which really no one wanted to be! Decisions were always settled with a toss of a coin …

In those times, everything was so pure. No one thought of girls or boys. Sometimes … they were the enemies. Throw the rope until it falls. In the snow, the glitter in our eyes came from thinking about all the snow angels and snow man we can build. Even if we caught the flu, it was nothing that a little hot chocolate could not cure or a kiss from the parents. In this world, there was no time to hurry. Everything happened calmly. We arrived where we had to arrive … when we arrived. Often, we always wanted to be bigger … but there was always time to play. To draw. Smile. Laugh.

We lived. We made a joke of it all. Our biggest problem was whether we would be accepted by our colleagues, and even if it were that we were not accepted by others – we would continue on our journey. That was not what would make us sad!We were strong. Now, withholding our toys, no! Not letting us go out and play, it was almost as if they took the most important thing from us…There were no cell phones or ipads or computers. There was only sunshine and playing outside. Guess what? We did not die! We lived!

Take Responsibility

What do you think 💭 about? Do you think about what your lacking and your problems? Or do you think 💭 about what you have and how grateful you are to have all these things? Do you really sit down and count your Blessings or are you still stuck in thinking about the things your missing?

Great philosophers think that the more we think of something whether it is positive or negative we are actually pushing for more of it in our lives. The Universe is giving you back everything you are thinking about! If your thinking about what your missing and how much problems you have, then that’s exactly what your going to get, more lack of and more problems!

We might not know everything that we need to know, probably if we did we probably wouldn’t be here in this world!

Things happen to us every day, what we make of the situation with what happens is what is going to be all the difference in the world! We can disapprove and be disappointed and play the role of a victim or we can get up from our fall twice as fast, take responsibility that at some point we thought about these things and they ended up happening.

We are all winners! We all want to succeed and when we don’t right away it is because we are letting others influence our way of thinking. We are sabotaging our own process of getting to where we want!

Keep your thoughts positive so the positive can continue to come to you! Keep your mind on your goals and what you want to achieve so that everything will fall into place like magic!

Today Is A Gift

It doesn’t matter if it’s cold or hot outside, or if it’s raining or sunny, what matters is that you’re alive! You received another day to get up and do something that really counts to make you happy!
Life is too precious! Life is also too short to do anything but live! Is that hockey game really going to bring you closer to your goals? Will you really be happy buying one more vase when you already have a dozen of them? Is not doing anything really in your best interest when you know you have a ton of things to do and the clock keeps on ticking away?

What you decide to do or not do is up to you. You have the same amount of time that everyone else has, 24 hours and yet it seems like there’s not enough hours in the day to get things done. Life is a miracle. We are all miracles! We are here today, without knowing if we will be here tomorrow and yet we live like there’s no tomorrow, allowing life to pass us by. One day, five years will pass by, and then ten years will go by, before you know it many more will follow. What did we accomplish if we really did not take the appropriate actions to make our dreams come true? Nothing ever comes easy without the hard work in the equation. Unless you know you are up for an inheritance or that you will dream of the winning numbers of your local lottery, you probably most likely have to win the game with your hard work, willingness, determination, focus, perseverance and of course your action to do all of the above and more.

Today is your chance. Today is a gift! It doesn’t matter if you have a Degree only, if you don’t do the work needed to get to where you want. Imagine what you can do with that degree and more… The Sky is the Limit with your ACTIONS. Treat each day with extra care. Do the things you know you have to do first to get you closer. It’s only time wasted when there’s nothing to learn.

There’s no time like the present to let your creative side out and do what you love to do… Whatever creative ideas you are having at this time, get them out on paper 📝! Show the world 🌎 just how talented you are. You may have felt blocked or held back in the past, however, now is the time to recognize how talented you really are. Follow your instincts and let your creative side be a wonderful gift to all…

Don’t let other people’s frustrations keep you from smiling… Keep smiling even if you don’t feel like it! The person that feels any negativity towards you will hate that your still smiling even though they’ve given you reasons not to smile. Like the old saying goes, “you have to fake it until you make it a reality”…before you know it, their whole energy will resume to nothing! Let it just bounce back to the sender with the opposite effect! Some people need a punching bag to explode to. They think that way they will have the upper hand. If you let them have it they will take away your power to be who you are meant to be, HAPPY 😊