Often enough, it takes a tragic event to allow us to really see people’s true intentions. It can catch us off guard. It can hurt! It was never what we expected, but it was a good thing! It opened our eyes. It opened our hearts to the reality of things. In times like these, we should never feel guilty or sad, but be honoured in knowing what we just gained… the knowledge…the experience… we are now smarter, we now know that some people can’t be trusted, they’ll sell you out! Don’t sell yourself short with the first person that calls you friend and in your time of need will throw you to the wolves! Just keep the best things to yourself! Your life! Your Love! Your Goals. Your Ambitions. Your expectations. Your desires. Keep it to yourself. Some people find their lives too mundane that they need to meddle into others… it’s never about them and always about you! Questions after questions… Life is about Give and take in all areas and if your always on the giving part and not on the receiving end occasionally with people then it’s all clear that something’s got to be changed! It starts with us!

My mother in law passed away a week ago… and although we all know that life continues and the show must go on… I haven’t written anything lately not because I don’t want to but because we literally have been going back and forth with all the things that a funeral entails and really I haven’t had much courage to post anything but I will slowly go back to myself, maybe not my complete self because I lost a part of me with her passing. Death is such a blessing to some and pain to others and yet it’s a complete mystery. My mother in law lost her battle to Cancer… She was a fighter! She fought a hard battle and sure did give her best! She suffered. Shed a lot of tears and laughed when the results came back negative and had her remission but somehow that imposter found itself back after being kicked out with the help of radiation treatments… Death is always a Blessing to someone that’s been suffering and in pain! To someone that stays behind, it’s definitely a pain, losing someone you care about! It’s never easy and honestly it will never be easy! No matter how hard someone tries to convince you to be strong or that it’s part of life! We all know that it is! We all know that we have a set time that we have to part ways but it’s still never easy! We are never really prepared to lose someone we care to much about… we will always wish for another day or to talk to them once more! There will always be things left unsaid… What keeps us going is the hope that one day we can finally be near them once again!

Everyday life will show you moments of happiness or loneliness…moments of abundance or scarcity! It’s all about your perspective at the time you see what is going on right before your eyes! You can decide to complain about it and waste your precious energy on it or you can move away and continue your journey from there on, the choice is up to you! I hope you choose to keep fighting metaphorically!!!