Good morning from a cold city in Canada, Toronto. Right now it’s -11 outside, in some other parts of the country and world I know its much colder, so I am not complaining! I’m just happy to be alive! I’m happy God gave me another day to pursue my goals and follow my dreams! We all have goals and dreams! Why do we always place ourselves at the end of our priorities? If you don’t put yourself at the top, it will be hard to find someone who will! I know you can still find someone that will but they are hard to find, so why risk waiting for that person to come along to do the things that you are passionate about! Why not just do them now for you! There’s a time to win and a time to lose! A time to learn and a time to teach! A time to be happy and a time to be a sad! It’s all about God’s timing, regardless of your faith and how you call him! We are all on his clock so let’s make it count!!!  


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