One choice can effect the rest of your life completely! One wrong decision can seal your fate forever! So before you make that next move, think about it long and hard! One bad judgement can cause the rest of your life to be affected negatively. Weigh down the pros and cons. If your still not quite sure which side to take, remember one last helpful hint, if your thinking about doing something to someone would you like it done to you? Chances are you wouldn’t! Steer away. Some things aren’t worth the energy we put into them… some people too! Let’s make 2017 our year! Our year to soar into new avenues and learn as much as we possibly can! You see, the years are flying by, but it doesn’t mean we can’t live them intensely and positively…Forget your past! Don’t think about your future, your not there yet! Live this moment! Love this moment! Enjoy everything that comes your way…we are here one minute and gone the next!

Don’t forget them!

This Christmas or holiday season when your sitting at your dinning room table surrounded by the ones you love and look over at the empty seats remembering those that parted that once sat there years before, stay strong and remember they never do leave us but stay by our side in another form! The worst thing you can do is forget them! Keep celebrating their life! They can be gone but not forgotten! It will be tough. There will be times that you want to break down and cry! They are beside you smiling down at you and ready to guide you along the way! They are that voice you hear inside your head telling you to keep going when you feel like giving up! They are that cool breeze you feel caressing your cheek letting you know everything’s going to be okay! Just don’t forget them! Don’t move on as life does! They are in the back of the scenes watching your performance, so make it a good one! Always make it a good one so your number one fans can be proud of the person you turned out to be! Merry Christmas and Joyous Holiday Season!

People leave this world but they are never forgotten! People are only going first because God chose them to watch over us! God needed their assistance. It’s so hard to grasp that there has to be more than what we know because we are constantly looking for answers and proof that’s things are real. If we really knew if it was real we probably wouldn’t be in this world. Don’t just remember your loved ones on special occasions, celebrate their life everyday. They are watching down on you and surely are proud of the person you’ve turned out to be! We all have angels guiding us along, we don’t have to see them but we can feel them! They may be strangers, family or close friends, they guide us along our journey until we meet again! Each day you are reminded that our time here on early is limited! Let go of the grudges and love on another and make peace! We never know when it’s our final destination! 🙏

Good morning from a cold city in Canada, Toronto. Right now it’s -11 outside, in some other parts of the country and world I know its much colder, so I am not complaining! I’m just happy to be alive! I’m happy God gave me another day to pursue my goals and follow my dreams! We all have goals and dreams! Why do we always place ourselves at the end of our priorities? If you don’t put yourself at the top, it will be hard to find someone who will! I know you can still find someone that will but they are hard to find, so why risk waiting for that person to come along to do the things that you are passionate about! Why not just do them now for you! There’s a time to win and a time to lose! A time to learn and a time to teach! A time to be happy and a time to be a sad! It’s all about God’s timing, regardless of your faith and how you call him! We are all on his clock so let’s make it count!!!