Perhaps the real issue to a fork in the road that others perceive as a problem can actually be a blessing! It’s all about your perspective! It’s not what you see but how you see it! Instead of labelling it as a loss, see it as an opportunity to improve and accumulate knowledge.

Knowledge undoubtedly is power and when you focus on the positive you are one step closer in the right direction to your success.

You were told “no”? Great! Rejection will redirect you to the “yes” you’ve longed to hear!
That tough situation that has kept you with sleepless nights is an opportunity to bring forth your spirituality and let your God take it from there. Believe! Trust that what’s meant to happen in his plan for you will happen at the right time and reasons. We don’t have to understand everything that’s going on around us but we can make things run smoothly if we keep our mind on the things we want and less time on the things we don’t. The best is yet to come!


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