Did you work on yourself today? Did you do something that you really love doing even if it was for just 20 minutes? Time doesn’t wait for no one! People nowadays don’t wait for no one either! So stop waiting on someone to do something for you or to be someone for you and just start doing things for yourself! We all know tomorrow is not promised to us but now is! Stop putting yourself at the back of your list and put yourself on the top! No one is saying to be greedy or selfish but just to focus on developing the person you are meant to be! Too many times we wait for that person to change who they are to be something we want more of and we forget that sometimes itโ€™s actually us that needs the changing. Once we do change and how we see our world, the rest of our world will change as well.

Love yourself

No matter who you are, someone is always going to be more thinner than you, more prettier than you, more smarter than you or have more money than you. There’s no point comparing yourself to others! This is really not a race between you and other people. The only race you truly have is with yourself and time. You will race against your yesterday self against your present self… it will all depend if you used your time wisely. If you learned and improved in areas that you were not as great before! If you helped someone that needed your assistance without judgement or shallowness. If you used your gifts that your God has given you or the Universe to the most of your potential! We get what we need at the time but when we are ready we will get even more…

Before the right things can come along you have to make sure the wrong things have gone away… A new chapter of your life is waiting for you but in order for it to arrive you have to close that chapter of your life that is not serving you! It can be a relationship or a bad habit. You be the judge! By getting out of your comfort zone you will experience a new beginning with endless possibilities. Staying in the same won’t give you growth! Just remember to remove yourself from everything or everyone that is stopping you from living up to your potential! โค๏ธ


Perhaps the real issue to a fork in the road that others perceive as a problem can actually be a blessing! It’s all about your perspective! It’s not what you see but how you see it! Instead of labelling it as a loss, see it as an opportunity to improve and accumulate knowledge.

Knowledge undoubtedly is power and when you focus on the positive you are one step closer in the right direction to your success.

You were told “no”? Great! Rejection will redirect you to the “yes” you’ve longed to hear!
That tough situation that has kept you with sleepless nights is an opportunity to bring forth your spirituality and let your God take it from there. Believe! Trust that what’s meant to happen in his plan for you will happen at the right time and reasons. We don’t have to understand everything that’s going on around us but we can make things run smoothly if we keep our mind on the things we want and less time on the things we don’t. The best is yet to come!

It’s a funny thing about life is the people you were so close to at some point in time, most of them didn’t make it to your present! It didn’t mean they weren’t important to you because I’m sure they were. It’s just that you grew up and changed. You didn’t have the same likes as you did before and evolved to a different person. A person that took a different route as the people who used to be in your life. Perhaps your paths will meet again in another time or maybe they won’t! Whatever the case know that some people have to leave your life so that their place can be replaced with other people that will help you through your journey. Don’t feel guilty. People that will always be special to us will always hold a spot in our hearts ๐Ÿ’• until we meet again. Maybe here or in another life, if possible…Not everyone is equipped to follow through our darkest times, loneliest times, unworthy times, discovery times or even confused times. Those always require people that have been there and done that to guide us through. Most are only designed to help you along the celebratory times when nothing can go wrong. If they are meant to stay, your paths will meet!