In times we feel tremendous pain. We go through things that we are not aware if we will overcome them but I tell you, you will. Every tear that you’ve cried or every hurt that you suffered is preparing you for what you are becoming. A stronger person and a wiser person!


               You have to live through all the Seasons of Life so you can better prepare yourself. You have to live with the poverty so that you can prepare for the abundance that you will get. You have to suffer a job loss so that you can decide to go back to school and take that course you so longed to take. You have to get sick so that you can appreciate your health and finally eating more vegetables and getting plenty of rest. You have to let the wrong people get out of your life so that the right ones can come along!


               After a long harsh Winter comes a refreshing Spring! After midnight comes the daylight of tomorrow. Your worries of yesterday cannot make it to your present let alone your future. Just breathe and trust that everything is happening the way it’s supposed to happen and you will eventually see that light at the end of the tunnel! Carpe Diem!


I Love to write and draw while the kids sleep. I started this blog to store my daily thoughts in hopes of inspiring people... We need to look for more inspiration! The world needs more of it maybe one day people will finally start treating each other the way they want to be treated, with Love, Respect, Compassion, Equality, Dignity independently of their colour of their skin, gender, age, ethnic background, religion, sexual preference. I hope you like it and come by all the time. Remember You Are So Worth It... xoxoxo

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