What Goes Around Comes Around

When someone asks you a question answer them! Don’t just ignore them! One day it might be you asking a question that you want answered.

If someone asks you for help and you could help them…help them. Circumstances change! People’s life’s too!

If you know someone is looking for work and you know you could help them, help them. One moment you too could be unemployed and know what it feels like. Don’t look down on who’s living on the streets. You don’t know their story. Everyone has a story!
One moment you might be on top of that great mountain that you climbed with your sneaky ways… don’t look down on someone that’s working their way up the right way! If you can’t stay up the right way, the floor will get you in no time!

Too many people being mean to one another… it’s got to stop! We all deserve the same respect! It doesn’t cost much to be nice. To treat each other the way we want to be treated! ❤️


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