Something I came across on Facebook that I thought worth sharing!


Going to buy a house? Close your mouth. πŸ™Š
Going to buy a car? Close your mouth. πŸ™Š
Are you getting married? Close your mouth. πŸ™Š
Going on a trip? Close your mouth. πŸ™Š
Going to do courses or college? Close your mouth. πŸ™Š
Were you promoted at work?? Close your mouth. πŸ™Š
99 % of the time the reason that our dreams don’t come true is because we open our mouth to soon to the wrong people, we were wrong to share our projects with people who claim to be “friends”, The envy and the low key jealousy is enough for people to feed off of and tear down what could have been before it evens happens so… Close your mouth and let “God” work everything out at the right time and on time! πŸ‘πŸΎ
And don’t never forget…
The majority of your “friends”, Want to see you well, But never better than them. Just to warn you!


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