When will all these attacks stop because of religion. When will people realize that we are all connected to each other and even though there’s so many religions we all worship the same God or Higher force but the name is altered. As there is good there’s evil… You are either on one side or the other….soon there will be no in between for non believers. You don’t have to see something to believe it exists. You can feel it…you can hear it…you can smell it! Just do your part and respect each other’s opinions, religion, sexual orientation, race, age, status… Choose to do good always….❤️🙏🏼

Sometimes we need to sit back, relax and trust that everything will work out for the better. Trust Life. We have to look outside the box and see what really is before our eyes. If there’s someone you haven’t spoken to, and you desperately want to speak to, don’t let a second go by without making amends. Don’t be acutely frightened or worried about looking in their direction, you just have to bite the bullet and make things right. It is about who matters to us. People can drift apart by senseless reasons, but all it takes is for that first step to bring people back together to where they belong. It is not so much any type of event itself, but more who would be part of it. ❤️

Did you know that tomorrow might not come. To someone it won’t come at all, and yet we forget about that and put off doing the things that we could be doing today to later. That “tomorrow” or “later” might not make it to you or me. Leaving to tomorrow to tell those that are dear to us that we love them, or that we’re sorry we hurt them, asking forgiveness or wanting another chance all over again when by then your words, actions, love might just not cut it anymore. Your time may have passed. Your chance might just be up. All the love in your heart could not be sufficient if you didn’t act on it while you had the chance. Your forgiveness might just not be needed. No one might not be expecting your return. That letter you wrote but didn’t send may never be read. All because you thought you could leave it to tomorrow and tomorrow came you thought to leave it again and again and again. Your words or soft touches might not be necessary anymore. When your arms reach out to touch others arms, you might not feel any arms open wide for you because tomorrow could be too late…Don’t put off telling those you Love that you love them…if you have to apologize do it now. If you miss someone let them know before they find who tells them all the time. If you need forgiveness for a wrong seek it now so you can get your inner peace. If you want a second chance go after what you want now…tomorrow could be too late! ❤️

Happy Starts With You

Are you really happy? Are you in a place of pure contentment? To define being happy, many synonyms come to mind, as gay, joyous, cheerful, satisfied or blissful but there are more. Many more. To many being happy is a state of mind where you turn on a switch inside your head and therefore you instantly or magically become happier. To others who strive daily to be happier than the previous day try their best but with life’s triggers fall short of reaching their goal. They let their emotions get the best of them. Or worst, they let other’s emotions rob them of their own joy. Sometimes people associate luck with being happy. Their always thinking if only they would have a bigger house they would be happy. If only having that dream job they would be happy. If only having more money they would be happy. I can write more examples to show you that underneath these “if only’s” that supposedly would make anyone happy will actually do the opposite, making everyone sad. If only’s only show us what’s missing in our lives, and if that’s missing you don’t have to be a mathematician to see how this equation will only show a negative result. When we truly are in a place of gratitude for everything that we have to date or for everything that we’ve learned this far and everything we’ve turned out to be can we actually master the notion of being happy. Happy starts with you. Happy starts with me. It’s inside of us waiting to manifest itself if we only let it! ❤️

There’s no Rush

It’s amazing how in this life within seconds everything changes. What you liked yesterday, today not so much, and tomorrow it will be history. We hold on to people like they are a God. Putting on them so much pressure to live up to your expectations. They strive to excel but fall short and in seconds our world collapses because we didn’t see what was truly before our eyes. We did our best to paint the picture of a person that is truly a work of art, when in reality was only a draft copy that did not make it to the gallery. Let’s not jump the gun from now on. Let’s save our hearts from disappointment. When we meet someone for the first time, open our hearts and minds and really get to know the person for who he or she really is without putting a label on them. Only when we really see people for who they truly are do we know if they are what we really want as a friend, partner or even business associate. Look pass the looks or money or fame or status quo but see that person in their darkest or happiest profoundly, only then will you see if it’s worth investing your time or not. There’s no rush… ❤️

Happy Father’s Day

A DAD is someone who wants to catch you before you fall,
But instead picks you up
Brushes you off and let’s you try again.

A DAD is someone that wants to keep you from making mistakes
But instead lets you find your own way even though is heart breaks in silence when you get hurt.

A DAD is someone that holds you when you cry
Scolds you when you break the rules
Shines with pride when you succeed
Has faith in you even when you fail…
Happy Fathers Day


Everyday people look at you. Some might admire you from afar. Others from close by. Some might criticize you and jump to conclusions without even getting to know you. Some might even judge you harshly and crucify you without even knowing the real facts. Without knowing your daily struggles in life. Some might be disguised as “friends” and wear a mask beside you and once your back is turned take off that mask. Either way you have to be prepared that not everyone’s intentions are for the best. You have to be strong and be yourself without giving your all to people that haven’t done the same to you! Just pay attention to their clues and body language. Those don’t deceive…just some words of encouragement to let you know you are a winner even though many want to portray you as a loser! ❤️