Choose LOVE

Whatever you do in life, choose Love. Start with yourself. Love yourself genuinely with

all its entirety. Forget about your past and everything that comes with it. You can’t

change it!  Once you’ve mastered that, Love others also. It’s not easy to think positive

when your world seems like its collapsing right before your eyes. However give it a shot!

          Don’t take that easy way out. Don’t open the door to anger, despair, hatred,

revenge or jealousy. Remember you get what you give out.  Wouldn’t you like to receive

abundantly from our gigantic Universe?  I’m sure we all would. I know it’s not easy when

it seems like it rains and pours at the same time but it too shall pass.  You’re here for a

brief moment and before you know it your time is up without warning or a chance to

make wrongs right. Why waste your time with anger, choose LOVE!!!



I Love to write and draw while the kids sleep. I started this blog to store my daily thoughts in hopes of inspiring people... We need to look for more inspiration! The world needs more of it maybe one day people will finally start treating each other the way they want to be treated, with Love, Respect, Compassion, Equality, Dignity independently of their colour of their skin, gender, age, ethnic background, religion, sexual preference. I hope you like it and come by all the time. Remember You Are So Worth It... xoxoxo

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