It’s a Bumpy Road but You’re Still Standing

Always smile, believe, forgive, laugh and most importantly, love truly and deeply.

Even if you were hurt, love all over again. One day, you will forget the agony you went through. One day you will forget the tears you’ve cried. One day the person that did you wrong won’t signify anything to you.

With all the lessons that you will learn with time, to be truly at peace with yourself, revenge is not the answer. Let things take its course to unfold in their own way and own time. In the end, the race of life is never with other people but with our own selves.

Your life is a series of chapters filled with triumphs, failures, adventures, action, love stories, drama and so much more.

What counts the most is the final chapter which shows how well you ran your own race, despite all the twists and turns or shortcuts. It’s a bumpy road but you’re still standing!


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