Baby Steps to Loving You

You are enough just the way you are!

If you want to find love then you have to start with yourself! You have to ❤️ yourself, because no one is going to love you if you don’t love “YOU”! Regardless of who you are or where you stand and even if there’s things about you that you want to change, you still have to love “YOU”.

Letting those negative comments dance in your head about what a failure you are won’t make you any more successful.

Letting in those words of not living up to your potential won’t help you strive to get better and be better to reach a higher potential.

Telling yourself that you are not worthy or loveable won’t make you any more loveable and worthy.

You just can’t be loving yourself and hating at the same time. You have to accept what you can’t change and what you could change just do it… Baby Steps to Loving You…


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