Being a Woman

Being a woman can mean so many things. It can mean truly more depending on which part of the world you live in. In other parts of the world it can be worth even less. This saddens me to know that some parts of the world a woman isn’t measured up to her true standards and worth. She is treated less then she deserves. I get overwhelmed thinking that somewhere out there is a woman wishing she was born a man, while I drink my morning coffee. It wasn’t by chance that a woman was chosen to carry the seed of Love and bring a baby into this world. A woman has so much strength in her than she can imagine. She can work eight hour shifts then get home ready for another eight hour shifts by attending to the household and family. A woman is a mother 24 hours every day. She is the one that wakes up to check on the baby. She is the one that goes to a sick child in the middle of the night. She is also a wife. The one that always know where things that go missing are. The one you go to for answers. She is someone’s daughter, someone’s friend, someone’s sister, niece, aunt or cousin. She is the one that can keep secrets and your confidant. A women has come along way. Her voice is heard. Her opinion matters. She can vote and run in politics. She has the right to exercise her democratic right. She is a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, author, construction labourer. She can educate herself for her future. She can protect her body and knows the difference between right or wrong. We’ve come along way. Yet there’s still so much to do. We celebrate this day in honour of all the beautiful women that are still fighting for they’re right to be equal to a man. Everybody can make a difference. Be that difference in someone’s life. Let your voice be heard. Don’t stand there and watch as someone gets belittled by their opposite. With that being said, don’t let ethnicity get in the way of your judgement. Everybody deserves respect and has a right to live in this beautiful world. Until women are stopped being treated as less than, or not enough, there will always be an International Women’s Day. I’m hoping that day disappears. That would be a sign that a women finally is recognized as the same as a man. That she will be earning the same amount of money for the same type of job. That she won’t be used as an object but loved as a person. That she won’t be sold to the highest bidder but taught to fight for what she wants. That she won’t be raped just because she’s a women or forced into a world where she doesn’t want to go by the man she naively trusts. That she also won’t be hit and punched just because some coward felt like it! When all this has finally ended, then yes, we abolished the whole concept of March 8. Until then, we have to continue to do our part and change people’s mentality.

Happy International Women’s Day



I Love to write and draw while the kids sleep. I started this blog to store my daily thoughts in hopes of inspiring people... We need to look for more inspiration! The world needs more of it maybe one day people will finally start treating each other the way they want to be treated, with Love, Respect, Compassion, Equality, Dignity independently of their colour of their skin, gender, age, ethnic background, religion, sexual preference. I hope you like it and come by all the time. Remember You Are So Worth It... xoxoxo


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