We can truly be happy with the most simplest things

We can truly be happy with the most simplest things.

We don’t have to chase everything around us. They will not bring us happiness. We have to learn to be happy with what we have, then with time, God will send us more of what we need.

A big part of our struggle with life is figuring out what makes us happy and being thankful for what we have. 💋


I Love to write and draw while the kids sleep. I started this blog to store my daily thoughts in hopes of inspiring people... We need to look for more inspiration! The world needs more of it maybe one day people will finally start treating each other the way they want to be treated, with Love, Respect, Compassion, Equality, Dignity independently of their colour of their skin, gender, age, ethnic background, religion, sexual preference. I hope you like it and come by all the time. Remember You Are So Worth It... xoxoxo

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