Choose Love

You never know why or how you fell in love with that special person that came into your life unexpectedly… bringing out the best of you when all everyone does is pinpoint the faults. This person seen your worst but always knew you had a lot of good too! Yet, stood by your side! You gave your all. You received it all back and in one instant it was shattered and taken away! Leaving you wondering why and that life isn’t fair!?! Yet your left with emptiness, despair, fear, sadness, anger… If only you could tell them you love them one more time! If only you could dance a bit longer holding them tight! If only you fought a little less and loved more… Life is too short to let today pass us by without letting the people that really matter know how much they mean to us! We never know what brings us to each other and we don’t know what takes us apart from each other! ❤️❤️❤️image


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