The Envious Friend

 The Envious Friend is the one that thinks they are all that and a bag of chips. In they’re heads everyone is looking at them. Everything they do is with the attention that the fan club sees. They will dress to stand out. They like being in constant attention. She pretends to be your friend. Smiles at you while inside she’s envious of everything you have. To her, your life is a bed of roses. Forgetting that you too have your share of problems and you don’t actually have a money tree that grows hundred dollar bills in your backyard. That supposedly friend wants your life. She wants your job. She wants your husband. She wants your success and she pretends to be happy with your happiness but deep down she is scheming a plan to sabotage everything so she can see you unhappy. In the end, she is a sad person that has no life of her own.

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