We are truly blessed to receive the amount of toys given!! The kids are ecstatic! Now the mission is finding a place to put them all… 😀

Walking down the underground plaza I couldn’t believe the amount of people that she smiled to. Talking to every single sales person like she was Ms. Congeniality. Making small talk. Calling them Sweetheart, sweetie. Complimenting them. It was making me sick to my stomach. Nothing to do with jealousy… Just that I know first hand that she was putting up a show. How can someone who is so nice and friendly to others outside be so impatient, cold and mean to those that she is so close to inside her circle. Something has got to give. It’s like I’m seeing a Doctor Jekyll and a Mr. Hyde. I see her snapping. I see her negative thinking come to life. It keeps me on eggshells. I have to be careful what I say to her. It makes me regret a lot of times giving her a gift. I give her something because I want to. She seems appreciative. Then something happens to make her snap or yell or worst say something negative. Then she’ll insult without thinking about my feelings and how it hurts me. Words are like weapons… They leave scars in people’s souls. If we are not careful they can do damages for life… Everything makes her angry. Most of the time when we do argue I forget what started it, that trigger. Then hours later when I start talking to her because I’ve moved on, she still holds that torch called “grudge” and snaps on me by throwing it in my face… Then I think out loud “why did I even bother talking or giving her that thoughtful watch (as I know she likes watches)… Sigh… If only she could see the pain I go through when we argue and fight… I’m not an angel, I know. I have my faults like everybody. I am notorious for talking back… Sometimes my mouth gets me into trouble. Hearing someone say always that my kids are going to get sick because they are crying too much doesn’t sit well in my tummy. A lot of times it’s as if she likes to push the negative events and all I want is to find patience to do with all the negative degrees. Needless to say , I don’t know if I can take another day of this show… Do you know anyone like this?